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Quartz Countertops Benefits

Quartz Countertops: Five Different Advantages

Quartz Countertops Advantages

When it comes to kitchen and bathroom countertops, there are so many alternatives available that making a decision might seem impossible. However, each type of countertop material has its benefits and drawbacks, so completing your homework ensures a long-lasting and sturdy countertop for your home. Quartz countertops are a popular style and material that offers both these properties of endurance and durability.

So, what are the benefits of quartz countertops over other types of countertops?

For starters, quartz is a tough substance that is exceptionally long-lasting. Quartz is also low-maintenance and more environmentally friendly than other materials. As a result, it can give any place a sense of luxury.

We’ll go over these benefits of quartz countertops in greater detail below.


Quartz is made up of 95% natural stone and polymer resins and is not a naturally occurring stone. Because quartz is not a natural stone, it lacks the pores found in other countertop materials. This means that, unlike other materials, quartz does not absorb liquids or discolour. Therefore, if spilled liquids are cleaned immediately, there will be no evidence that there was ever a spill.


Quartz is much harder than traditional countertops because it is a manufactured substance. This exceptional hardness protects the surface from scratches, chipping, and other wear and tear. Of course, this does not mean that if you put a heavy object on it, it will not be damaged, but quartz can take a lot of punishment.

Little Maintenance

Quartz is a low-maintenance countertop alternative to other materials. The porosity of different stone materials necessitates using a sealer every few years, if not every couple of months. This sealer aims to prevent food particles, spills, and bacteria from decaying in these pores. Because quartz is a manufactured material, it lacks these pores and does not require sealing. This helps you save both time and money.

Quartz is extremely simple to clean and maintain. When cleaning quartz countertops, no special cleaners or chemicals are required. This material can withstand the cleaning products that most people use daily.

Friendly to the Environment

Ground mining is required for most stone countertops, and they must be transported across long distances. However, because quartz is a manufactured mineral, it does not necessitate substantial mining or travel. On the other hand, quartz may be made from local and even recycled materials, making it a more environmentally responsible option than other possibilities.

Luxurious Feel

Quartz, like granite, adds a sense of elegance to any space. It comes in various colours and designs and is also customizable. It should be easy to select the perfect style to match any home’s aesthetic. Quartz can also be used to complement the room and serve as a discussion piece.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Difference Between Granite and Quartz Countertops?

While quartz and granite are high-quality, long-lasting countertop materials, quartz is more durable than granite due to its tougher composition. In addition, because quartz does not have pores like granite, it does not require a sealer, requiring less upkeep. However, because granite has a higher heat tolerance than quartz, hot pots and pans should not be placed on quartz countertops.

Quartz Countertops: Do They Have Any Drawbacks?

Quartz countertops, like everything else, have a few drawbacks. Hot pots and pans should not be placed on a quartz countertop since it does not have strong heat resistance, as described in the previous question. Quartz also has a more modern appearance, so it might not be ideal if you want something rustic or antique-looking. Finally, quartz can be pretty costly. Always remember to shop around for the best deal.

Quartz Countertops Conclusion

While selecting the ideal countertop material can be a challenging task, it is critical to conduct research and identify the perfect material that will meet your family’s needs and your home’s beauty. Quartz countertops provide families with peace of mind with a long-lasting, low-maintenance countertop. In addition, this material possesses the properties required for long-term functionality and attractiveness.

Countertop Installation in Markham

If you’re looking for a new kitchen and bathroom countertops, Imperial Granite & Stone Ltd. is the place to go. Our granite, quartz, and marble countertop business has the most extensive assortment. We have produced beautiful kitchens and bathrooms throughout Toronto, Markham, and the GTA. Finding the right countertop option is crucial if you’re thinking about remodelling your kitchen, and our designers can assist you.

We specialize in granite, marble, quartz, and porcelain, and our quality, service, and delivery are unsurpassed. So for a free countertop consultation, give us a call today!

Outdoor Kitchen

Best Outdoor Kitchen Stone Selections For 2022

Outdoor Kitchen

Summertime in Canada is synonymous with outdoor cooking. When the weather warms up and cooperates, people prefer to get out of the house and grill, griddle, smoke, barbecue, and cook their meats and veggies outside. Whether you’re smoking a rack of baby back ribs, grilling a steak, or simply making a few pancakes on an outdoor grill, food cooked outside tastes better. While many homes are equipped with a gas or charcoal grill, many people have taken their outdoor cooking areas to the next level. As a result, outdoor kitchens are becoming increasingly popular. They receive a lot of use and may also be used as an entertainment area.

There are numerous advantages to having an outdoor kitchen. It can assist in keeping the inside of your home cleaner, but it can also raise the value of your home and act as an extension of your living space. In addition, adding a second kitchen to an existing home creates a new space for family and friends to meet while partaking in the communal experience of preparing and eating a meal. There is a range of options for any homeowner looking to add a functional kitchen to their outdoor cooking space, ranging from expensive to economical to fair.

Stone Flooring

Natural stone flooring is an excellent choice because it is exposed to the elements, whether covered or not. There are many options available to homeowners, ranging from pavers to ceramic or porcelain tiles to limestone. Each has its own set of qualities and a range of prices, ensuring that there is a material to suit any budget.


Outside as well as inside the kitchen, granite is a solid choice. This stone is dense and long-lasting, making it ideal for countertops. There are also alternative construction materials that may suit a property owner’s needs, such as various varieties of tiles and quartz, as long as it is covered.

Outdoor Kitchen Ledgers

Outdoor kitchens can be built from the ground up or fitted using kits that often include cabinets. Ledgers are an excellent way to give your kitchen a more open-air atmosphere. Natural stone stacks can create an aesthetic appeal that no other material can match. Also, ledgers are used to cover columns or posts used to support a shelter over the new addition, depending on the design of your outdoor space.

Suppose you’re ready to update your existing outdoor cooking space or develop an altogether new area for outdoor enjoyment. In that case, we’re here to assist you with your remodelling project. Our trained professionals will assist you in choosing the best design and materials for your project. Imperial Granite & Stone has provided the greater-Toronto area with a broad array of different available alternatives. See the extensive range of available countertop material selections for yourself and decide which one would perfectly meet your needs. Our highly qualified crew has offered excellent service, assisted customers, performed installations, and even provided maintenance advice for over ten years. Call us today at (905) 513-6906 or stop by the showroom in Markham to see for yourself.

Kitchen Remodel Over Renovation

Kitchen Remodel Over Renovation – What Is The Difference?

Kitchen Remodel Countertop Installation

In any home, the kitchen is an important focal point. Even if they do not use the prominent culinary components, people occasionally use kitchens as family and social meeting places for entertainment. Therefore, this location sees a lot of traffic and might assist in increasing the value of your home. Whether you want to sell soon or not, having a modern kitchen improves your current living situation while also increasing the total worth of your home.

A kitchen remodel can increase the value of your home. Still, the two most commonly used terms for such a project, remodel and renovation, have significantly different connotations. Most people interchange the terms regardless of the situation. However, a renovation refers to returning something to its original condition, whereas a remodel refers to a total makeover of an existing subject area. It’s here that homeowners can pick and choose a few crucial components to dramatically improve the design and feel of their kitchen without breaking the budget.

Backsplash Purposes

A backsplash can be a focal point in the kitchen, depending on the colours and patterns chosen. This region provides a functional purpose, but the backsplash can also contrast or highlight other design schemes. In addition, homeowners can significantly improve their existing kitchen’s overall look and feel by swapping out their current backsplash.

Countertop Installation

Another relatively simple change that might pay off handsomely is the countertop. Depending on your present building materials, using natural stone or changing the colour of your existing countertops can significantly influence your home. Countertops are another practical part of a kitchen that generally covers a large surface area. With countertop installation by Imperial Granite & Stone, we produce the desired design component for any homeowner, regardless of personal choice.

Flooring Materials

The layout of your kitchen will influence which surfaces are most valuable, but flooring is always at the top of the list. Of course, your budget will play a role in any planned kitchen remodelling work. Replacing the floors with a newer material is a simple method to give your kitchen a major makeover that will add value to your home.

If you’re ready for a kitchen remodel or update another section of your home, we’re here to help. Our fully trained professionals can assist you in choosing the best design and materials for your project. Imperial Granite & Stone has provided the greater-Toronto area with a broad array of different available alternatives in our showroom. We have presented bathroom and kitchen designs for over ten years. See the extensive range of available tile selections for yourself and decide which one would perfectly meet your needs.

Our highly qualified crew has been offering excellent service, assisting customers, performing installations, and even providing maintenance advice for many years. So call us today at (905) 513-6906 or stop by our showroom in Markham to see for yourself.

Markham Countertop Installation for Kitchens and Bathrooms

Markham Countertop Installation — What You Can Expect

Markham Countertop Installation

If you’ve never installed a countertop before, you probably have no idea what to expect during the procedure. You could even be apprehensive about it. However, quartz and other countertops are a significant investment. The team at Imperial Granite & Stone has been performing Markham countertop installation for over ten years.

Before you make a final selection, read this blog post, Three Tips For Choosing Stone Countertops In Your Kitchen, and then read on to learn what to expect as you go through the process.

Plan Ahead of Time For The Installation

Make sure workers have a clear passage to carry the quartz slab. Because quartz is so heavy, you’ll want to make it as simple as possible for them to get into your kitchen. If you have children, make other plans for them on the day of the countertop installation. At the same time, observing the working environment, if there is any furniture or carpeting in the way of the workers manoeuvring the quartz. In that case, you should cover it to protect it from dirt or damage.

Get Rid of Your Old Countertops

Before the team can install the quartz countertops, they must remove the old ones. The Imperial Granite & Stone pros provide these ideas for pulling out your old countertops and sink if you want to save money by doing the demo yourself.

Placing The Quartz

When the workers have the countertops on the cabinets, they will use an epoxy that is either transparent or neutral to cement the pieces together (if there is more than one). Attachment blocks that have been appropriately created will secure the quartz to the cabinets.

Creating The Backsplash

Most people want to continue the quartz up the wall for the backsplash. After the countertops are in position, the workers will install them, making any necessary changes. Finally, they’ll use clear or neutral epoxy to seal the joints, just like they did for the main countertop.

Cleaning Up After the Installation

Workers will clean up excess epoxy and seal the counters once the stone has been secured. However, even with the cleanest and most courteous workers, there will be some dust to clean up after the project.

Our experienced and courteous staff will give you all the information you require to begin your project. In addition, we will be accessible to answer all of your questions regarding your Markham quartz countertop from the initial call through the final installation.

Imperial Granite & Stone can provide you with whatever you require. Our skilled staff has provided exceptional and customized natural stone services to consumers around the Markham area for over ten years. Call us at (905) 513-6906 or stop by our showroom at 150 Ferrier Street in Markham from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Composite Granite Sink Installation

Choosing a Composite Granite Sink For Your Next Project

Composite Granite Sink Installation

A sink and vanity is essential component of any home remodelling project. While there are other things to think about, such as countertops and appliances, choosing the right sink for your home is crucial. When it comes to sink materials, there are a lot of possibilities available.

A granite composite sink is one of your most excellent choices. A composite granite sink is your best bet if you want a sink that goes well with your natural granite countertops. From the history of the material to the benefits and drawbacks of the sinks, this article will cover everything you need to know about composite granite sinks.

What is Composite Granite, and how does it work?

As the name implies, composite granite sinks are built of a substance called composite granite. Granite dust is mixed with acrylic resins to make the substance. This mixture is shaped into the shape of a sink.

What are the Benefits of a Composite Granite Sink?

There are various reasons homeowners choose composite granite sinks over a stainless steel or other sinks. One of the main reasons is that these sinks are relatively long-lasting. In addition, a granite composite sink, unlike natural granite, does not require sealing.

What Are the Pros and Cons?

Choosing a composite granite sink has many advantages. Non-porous, sanitary, stain-resistant, and scratch-resistant fixtures are available. They’re also scratch-resistant.

Additional advantages of these sinks include cost, consistency in appearance, and a wide range of options. Composite granite sinks are less expensive than natural granite sinks. However not as cheap as some other materials on the market. Composite granite is an excellent option if you want a material with a consistent hue throughout. In terms of colour, style, shapes, sizes, and finishes, the material will provide you with a wide range of options.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages?

Although composite granite is a fantastic option for kitchen sinks, it is not flawed. Uniformity, hardness, and expense are all disadvantages of this material. Composite granite is the choice for you if you want a material with a consistent hue throughout. On the other hand, natural granite is the way to go for many pattern varieties. Granite composite is also a rigid material, so it will smash any plates or glasses that you drop into the sink by accident. While the cost of the material can be advantageous, it can also be a disadvantage. Composite granite will be more expensive than stainless steel.

What Are the Best Sinks for Composite Granite?

Composite granite is a flexible material that works well with various sink types and layouts. You will be able to discover a granite composite sink that meets your demands, whether you want an under-mount sink, a drop-in sink, or a single bowl or double bowl sink.

What are some of the most popular composite granite sink brands?

Granite composite sinks are available from a variety of manufacturers. We carry popular brands such as Basco here at our Markham showroom.

Consider composite granite for your new kitchen sink if you want a fashionable and long-lasting material. When renovating your kitchen, you can add significant elegance to everything from your worktops to your sink and faucets. This tutorial will teach you all you need to know about composite granite sinks.

The team at Imperial Granite & Stone has been involved with countertops, sinks and vanities for over ten years. Call or email us to receive a no-hassle consultation on your next project!

Quartz Bathroom Countertops

Is Quartz a Good Choice for Bathroom Countertops?

Quartz Bathroom Countertops

Quartz is a relatively recent bathroom countertops alternative, but its features have made it a popular choice among clients, who are steadfast in their decisions. Because of their engineering, they are free of some of the flaws seen in natural stone countertops. However, they do have their drawbacks.

Quartz might be a tremendous improvement for your bathroom countertops if you’re searching for something fresh.

Quartz is ideal countertop material. The finish is attractive, and you can choose from a much more incredible selection of colours and aesthetics than you can with actual stone. Its strength is equivalent to granite and concrete, but it has a little more give than other materials, avoiding easy chipping and fracture.

Finish and Colour

Quartz countertops are made of engineered stone, which means they have a lot more colour and finish options than granite and other natural stone options. The colour range is broader, making it easier to match the countertops to the walls or different aesthetics. Quartz also has a more elegant, full finish.


Quartz has the same strength as granite and concrete countertops. It’s as tough as granite and concrete, and in some cases, even more rigid, avoiding chipping and cracking thanks to a more forgiving makeup. As a result, they’ll take the blow without denting, marking, or other blemishes. Of course, it won’t survive everything, but it will withstand the majority.

Resistant to Stains

Quartz is excellent for usage because it can resist stains if you clean it up quickly enough, but quartz is even more resistant. It’s nonporous and resists stains from wine, juice, dirt, and any other liquid or stain that might occur in a bathroom, including cosmetics and cleaning chemicals.

What are the drawbacks?

For most people, the cost is the most significant disadvantage. It can cost a few hundred dollars per square foot, quickly pushing a complete countertop installation above $1,000 and beyond when labour and costs are factored in. Quartz also has a less realistic appearance, which may not appeal to all clients.

Is Quartz a Safe Material?

There will be radon residues in every natural stone. Another advantage of quartz is an artificial stone countertop that is permanently sealed during production, ensuring that no radon is discharged.

Is quartz the correct choice for your bathroom countertops? Do your homework, compare prices, and enjoy the finished product of your bathroom renovation.

Do you want to remodel your bathroom or kitchen? We’ve been beautifying Ontario homes for over ten years! Imperial Granite & Stone is dedicated to making your kitchen and bathroom aspirations a reality.

Remodelling your kitchen or bathroom countertops might be a daunting task, but we are here to assist you. We have granite, marble, quartz, and porcelain in stock, and our designers can assist you in selecting the perfect countertop for your home. For a no-hassle consultation on your renovation project, give us a call today!

Residential Stone Countertops

Three Tips For Choosing Stone Countertops In Your Kitchen

Commercial Stone Countertops

Choosing what material to use for your brand-new stone countertops is one of the most challenging decisions when renovating and designing your kitchen. Because countertops are generally one of the more expensive kitchen purchases, it’s critical to make an informed decision.

So, what are the three guiding principles for selecting the ideal stone countertops for your kitchen?

First, set a budget; you don’t want to fall in love with custom marble countertops to find out they’re out of your budget! Second, research your options, such as granite and quartz, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Third, figure out what you want your kitchen to look like; do you want it to be modern? Are you planning on cooking often? Different stones are better for different usage levels, with many different looks and styles to choose.


Creating a budget is arguably the least enjoyable and challenging part of any repair or construction project. While complex and time-consuming, creating a budget for your kitchen countertops is essential. It will save you a lot of headaches in the long run.

Because stone countertops, such as granite and quartz, are high-end products, they are frequently the most expensive kitchen additions. It’s devastating to fall in love with beautiful cream quartz to discover that you can’t afford it.


Countertops made of stone, such as granite or quartz, are an investment. Granite, for example, is a more economical and long-lasting option. Still, the countertop must be sealed once a year to maintain durability. Marble is a classic material that will appeal to future home purchasers, but it is challenging to keep and maybe more damaged by acidic liquids.

Quartz is hard, non-porous, and available in a wide range of hues and styles; however, it is heat sensitive. While any stone countertop will increase the value and attractiveness of your house, it’s critical to select the perfect material for your lifestyle and budget.

Your Kitchen’s Purpose

The final point to remember is to make plans for the kitchen of your dreams. While marble has a beautiful appearance, granite may be a better option for your high-traffic kitchen. Do you cook on vacations and keep your kitchen primarily for the show? In that situation, durability might not be an issue.

Do you want a chef’s kitchen with all the bells and whistles? First, make sure the countertop material you choose can withstand the amount of use your kitchen receives! While quartz’s adaptability allows for various designs, you may not need to pay the higher price if another stone can handle your lifestyle.

Of course, once you’ve set your budget, investigated stone selections, and settled on your kitchen’s primary purpose, the fun part begins! Now you’re ready to choose your colour, cut, and finish. With the high quality of marble, granite, and quartz countertops, there is always a stone that will fit into any design, regardless of whatever stone you choose.

Stone Countertops Conclusion

Visit us at our Markham showroom for the best assortment of granite, quartz, and marble countertop solutions. Imperial Granite & Stone Ltd. has produced stunning kitchens and bathrooms throughout Ontario for over ten years. Finding the right countertop option is crucial if you’re thinking about remodelling your kitchen, and our designers can assist you.

We specialize in granite, marble, quartz, and porcelain, and our quality, service, and delivery are unsurpassed. So for a free countertop consultation, give us a call today!

Baking With Quartz Counters

Why Bakers Prefer a Quartz Countertop in the Kitchen

Quartz Countertop Baking

Quartz countertops should always be beneath that sprinkle of flour, whether you bake full-time or adore mixing up a batch of brownies for the kids. However, suppose you’re remodelling your chef’s kitchen or routinely creating homemade pizzas on marble counters. In that case, it’s time to think about switching to a quartz countertop.

Why Do Bakers Go For a Quartz Countertop?

Specialists recommend quartz for chefs and bakers for reasons other than its beauty. Here’s why quartz countertops are pastry-friendly and baker-approved if you want your pizza dough to turn out delightfully flaky and fresh.


It would help if you never had to pick between cooking and causing damage to your lovely surfaces. Quartz is non-porous, so you may cook on it and spill oils, eggs, and butter without fear of permanent stains.

Low Maintenance

Similarly, cleaning and essential maintenance are a breeze because they’re poreless. All you have to do now is wipe clean your counters with a moist cloth.

And there’s no need for a seal with quartz countertops. Unlike porous countertops like marble, Quartz surfaces do not require harsh chemical sealants. So without an annual checkup draining your time and money, your countertops are free to live and breathe.

Temperature Management

Temperature control is essential to pastry chefs. Butter melts on hot countertops, dough adheres to the surface, and flaky crusts deflate. In other words, a baker’s worst nightmare. Quartz countertops keep their cool, so you don’t have to worry about a kitchen heatwave stifling your productivity. Quartz counters are also resistant to heat. This robust stone material is unaffected by piping hot trays direct from the oven.

Wear and Tear Friendly

Quartz has the bonus of being both gorgeous and long-lasting. We never recommend placing hot trays directly on surfaces or using quartz to replace cutting boards. There’s no need to be concerned about unintentional wear and tear if you frequently use knives, forks, metal trays, and cookie cutters on your quartz surfaces. Scratch resistance is a feature of quartz. Because quartz is poreless, acid from lemons, wine, and creams won’t damage your tabletops.

Why Does a Marble Countertop Fail to Measure Up?

Marble countertops, without a doubt, are a gorgeous accent to any room. The elegance is unrivalled, and the beauty is timeless. But, on the other hand, marble isn’t the best material for baking. Why? While marble is aesthetically pleasing, it fails every chef test that quartz passes. Marble is porous and easily stains, so persistent pressure and food spills, such as flour, eggs, and butter, will stain your marble quickly. It will seep beyond its outer layer and cause lasting damage.

Furthermore, the marble countertop seal (unnecessary for quartz surfaces) contains harsh chemicals. When you’re continually putting food on the counter for friends, family, and clients to eat, these chemical ingredients aren’t ideal.

Bakers Conclusion

If you want to make a living as a chef or start cooking more at home, the countertop you choose can make or break your chef’s touch. So it’s a no-brainer to have a durable, chemical-free desk that doesn’t require frequent upkeep. Quartz is your best baker’s bet for various reasons, including simplicity of use, durability, and, of course, aesthetics.

Imperial Granite & Stone in Markham is the place to go if you’re looking for the ideal countertop. We fabricate and install the most incredible quality kitchen and bathroom countertops with the highest quality artistry, specializing in quartz, granite, and marble surfaces. Visit our countertop store for inspiration as you look through a wide range of stone countertop colours, designs, and patterns. Better yet, schedule a free consultation with a design specialist to discuss your kitchen remodelling project. Or, connect with us on Instagram to see our latest projects!

Quartz Countertops

What Factors Influence the Cost of Quartz Countertops?

Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops have become extremely popular due to the mix of beauty and colour they offer to a room, as well as the stone’s durability and stain resistance in kitchens and bathrooms. However, when it comes to countertop materials, they are far from the most cost-effective alternative. You get what you pay for when it comes to quartz, and a few crucial elements determine the price.

Quartz is in High Demand

Quartz is famous for a reason: it offers a wide range of aesthetic and functional benefits for your kitchen or bathroom worktops, making it well worth the investment. Knowing what goes into pricing and how it can fluctuate, on the other hand, can help you make the best option possible.

The following are some of the elements that influence the cost of quartz countertops.

Countertops From The Source

Quartz producers are not all made equal, and some charge differently. The first thing to consider is the price per square foot of material or wholesale, which can help you save money upfront if you’re completing a vast area. However, the most significant factor is that the merchant is trustworthy, and you can put your faith in the project. Resulting in more expensive quartz, but you get the material’s assurance and, in many cases, some warranty to protect your investment.

Because you are dealing with the source and not an intermediary, countertop fabricators who design and install countertops will likely provide you with the best pricing.

Quality Level

Quartz isn’t all made equal, either. At the same time, quartz is a durable stone in general. Not all quartz materials are the same. The hardness of the material can vary, and quartz coupled with other materials such as resin can impact the final product. Quartz will be more or less expensive, depending on the hardness. It will almost certainly cost you a little more if you want something of high quality.

Consider the function of the space where quartz will be installed. For example, if the quartz countertop does not get used daily, you may compromise.

Patterns and Colours

While quartz is adaptable and comes in various colours and patterns, some varieties are more rare and difficult to find. If you want a one-of-a-kind design, expect to pay a little more. So, when it comes to balancing out your budget for your countertops, keep in mind if you want to spend your money on design, especially if it involves a custom order.

Suppose you want your countertops to be the centre of attention and a topic of conversation. In that case, you’ll have to spend a little extra to acquire the unique and appealing design you want.

Is there a charge for installing a quartz countertops?

Installation is usually charged separately, however, depending on the company’s pricing structure you choose. Labour and flat costs for service and prospective per-hour fees are sometimes changed during the installation process. It’s always a good idea to double-check before making a decision.

Discuss your quartz countertop alternatives with a countertop specialist at Imperial Granite & Stone in Markham, Ontario. At the most competitive prices, you’ll find the best collection of granite, quartz, and marble countertop options.

Marble Counters and Backsplash Contemporary Kitchen

Using Marble Counters and Backsplash to Create a Stunning Kitchen

Marble Counters and Backsplash Contemporary Kitchen

You may match the finishes in your new kitchen to a home renovation show on TV or a picture you found on the internet. But it will end up appearing uninteresting. So instead, work with our skilled kitchen design specialists to create a look that will set the trend for home fashion while also matching your particular style. This article will discuss how to build a stunning contemporary kitchen with marble counters and a matching backsplash.

Backsplashes Made of Mosaic Tiles Were Popular in the Past

When solid colour laminates and quartz counters reigned the kitchen countertop business in the 1970s and 1980s, mosaic tiles became all the rage. The combined colours gave a single-note design movement. The enthusiasm centred upon strong veining, stripes, and pebbling in the countertop as natural stone surfaces became more fashionable. A mosaic’s multiple colours, sizes, and shapes have entirely overrun the space.

Streamline the Look of Your Kitchen or Bathroom

While subway tiles have become a popular design choice, they are very mundane compared to the variety of options available. You can extend the magnificent marble canvas from your countertop up the wall for a striking yet cohesive look. Whether you put a six-inch backboard or run the stone up the wall behind your stove to create a centrepiece out of a unique exhaust hood is entirely up to you. Paint colours can be matched to the marble’s undertones, bringing the beauty of the marble throughout the rest of the room.

Choose Two Slabs of Your Favorite Marble For a Stunning Look

Do you fear that you won’t be able to discover two identical slabs? While each marble slab is unique, the colours and striations of two slabs cut from the same mountain face will complement each other perfectly. You might choose to order a table for your entry, a set of cutting boards, or matching shelving to exhibit your jars or crystal if you have additional stones.

With a Contrasting Island, You May Add Even More Interest

Is it too much of a good thing if your kitchen remodels design progressed from light natural wood cabinets to white ones. Then you fell in love with an ocean of virtually white marble? If you’re worried about having too much of a single hue, consider adding a black or dark grey stone counter to your island. If you want to go for a dramatic look, the marble backsplash might be used instead of the counters. It’s a look that’ll steal the show at your next dinner party.

Are you ready to look at all of the design options for your impending kitchen remodel? When you visit Imperial Granite & Stone in Markham, you’ll get inspiration as well as a plethora of samples and styles.

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