Quartz Collection

Leather Finish

Leather Finish Quartz

Artistic quartz slabs

A collection to withstand the test of time. Introducing leather finished quartz. A collection that is easy to pair with any modern-day interior while also providing lasting durability and style.

Scratch Resistant

Quartz is highly resistance to scratch and marks from moving objects on the surface.

Impact Resistant

Made from one of the hardest natural materials, quartz is highly resistant to impact.


These surfaces can resist staining caused by coffee, wine, lemon juice and others daily products.


SKU LQ4611

Raw Cement

SKU LQ4718

La Lune

SKU LQ4720

Princess White

SKU LQ5318

Kitchens are one of the most highly used spaces in a home and require materials and products that extend the longevity of the space.

The continuity can flow in your kitchen with our stone, you can cover the flooring, walling, backsplash, front or downstand of your worktop. It is a material that can embrace its environment.

Bathrooms are personal spaces where one should feel relaxed and refreshed. There’s no reason these areas should be a drab or featureless design!

Our team reinvents the traditional design of the bathroom space with custom-made large format panels. It can be installed vertically as wall siding, countertops, or horizontally as flooring. This customization eliminates joints and creates visual continuity.

Leather Finished Series

Quartz innovation done the professional way.

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