Quartz Collection

Sparkling Series

Sparkling Series is a process achieved by adding mirror chips during the fabrication process. These mirror chips sparkle when they catch the light in your home or commercial space, creating an elegant, luxurious shimmer.

Ice Crystal

SKU LQ2094

Sea Salt

SKU LQ2324

Dark Crystal

SKU LQ3105

Milky Way

SKU LQ1015

Sandy Beach

SKU LQ1505


SKU LQ1505

Gobi Sand

SKU LQ2132


SKU LQ2519

Golden Rocks

SKU LQ2551

Light Crystal

SKU LQ3100

Silver Sparkle

SKU LQ1016


SKU LQ1019

Starry Night

SKU LQ1168

White Night

SKU LQ1196

Rough Sea

SKU LQ4001


SKU LQ4922

Fossil Grey

SKU LQ5310


SKU LQ5604

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