Granite Countertops Available In All Colours Options

Granite Countertops Available In All Colours Options

“Select a stone with complementing flecks of copper or quartz to unify the colour palette”

So you’re planning a bathroom or kitchen renovation, and you’ve got your heart set on bright granite countertops. Do you think granite is all about single tones of grey or brown? Therefore you crossed it off your list? When you come to Imperial Granite & Stone in Markham, ON, you’ll be surprised to see how many material alternatives there are in every colour.

Gray Granite Countertops Look Great in a Modern Kitchen

Yes, grey granite is still mined in the Northeast’s quarries. Climbing the stairs at your local hall or seeing curbing around town may help you recognize its consistent colour with specks of quartz shimmering in the sun. It provides a signature centrepiece for your new grey kitchen when sliced into thin slabs and polished. There will be subtle variances in each slab.

Rust, Pink, and Sparkles Compliment White Decor

Pink granite is another frequent form of granite quarried in the United States. Pink can appear as a mild rust colour in remote locations, all over the slab, or as a grey or white slab incursions. In addition, many granite slabs have sparkles, which are particles of quartz that catch the light and give the stone an impression of movement. Now that granite is being imported from worldwide. There is a broader range of colour variations.

Black, White, and Blue Swirls and Bold Stripes

The bold blacks surfacing in showrooms are maybe one of the most exciting trends in granite counters. The rock face’s layered striations create virtually patterned stripes over the slab. The contrasting colours could be in the form of blocks, dots, or swirls. They stand out against the white cabinets, soft grey floors, and brightly coloured containers. In the right light, some blacks appear blue, providing even another layer to your design palette.

Calming Colours in Subtle Shades

If your kitchen is your haven and you prefer beige, brown, and cream throughout your home, you’ll discover a slab to complement your style. The brown and yellow tones match the natural wood tones of the bespoke cabinets and lend a vintage feel to the space. In addition, your white serving ware and black appliances will make a big statement in the room if you choose these subtle tones.

The only way to tell if granite countertops are suitable for your project is to see and touch it. So make an appointment with Imperial Granite & Stone Ltd. for a tour and see a large selection of slabs ready to be personalized. Our office is in Markham, Ontario.

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