Markham Countertop Installation — What You Can Expect

Markham Countertop Installation — What You Can Expect

Markham Countertop Installation

If you’ve never installed a countertop before, you probably have no idea what to expect during the procedure. You could even be apprehensive about it. However, quartz and other countertops are a significant investment. The team at Imperial Granite & Stone has been performing Markham countertop installation for over ten years.

Before you make a final selection, read this blog post, Three Tips For Choosing Stone Countertops In Your Kitchen, and then read on to learn what to expect as you go through the process.

Plan Ahead of Time For The Installation

Make sure workers have a clear passage to carry the quartz slab. Because quartz is so heavy, you’ll want to make it as simple as possible for them to get into your kitchen. If you have children, make other plans for them on the day of the countertop installation. At the same time, observing the working environment, if there is any furniture or carpeting in the way of the workers manoeuvring the quartz. In that case, you should cover it to protect it from dirt or damage.

Get Rid of Your Old Countertops

Before the team can install the quartz countertops, they must remove the old ones. The Imperial Granite & Stone pros provide these ideas for pulling out your old countertops and sink if you want to save money by doing the demo yourself.

Placing The Quartz

When the workers have the countertops on the cabinets, they will use an epoxy that is either transparent or neutral to cement the pieces together (if there is more than one). Attachment blocks that have been appropriately created will secure the quartz to the cabinets.

Creating The Backsplash

Most people want to continue the quartz up the wall for the backsplash. After the countertops are in position, the workers will install them, making any necessary changes. Finally, they’ll use clear or neutral epoxy to seal the joints, just like they did for the main countertop.

Cleaning Up After the Installation

Workers will clean up excess epoxy and seal the counters once the stone has been secured. However, even with the cleanest and most courteous workers, there will be some dust to clean up after the project.

Our experienced and courteous staff will give you all the information you require to begin your project. In addition, we will be accessible to answer all of your questions regarding your Markham quartz countertop from the initial call through the final installation.

Imperial Granite & Stone can provide you with whatever you require. Our skilled staff has provided exceptional and customized natural stone services to consumers around the Markham area for over ten years. Call us at (905) 513-6906 or stop by our showroom at 150 Ferrier Street in Markham from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

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