Using Marble Counters and Backsplash to Create a Stunning Kitchen

Marble Counters and Backsplash Contemporary Kitchen

Using Marble Counters and Backsplash to Create a Stunning Kitchen

Marble Counters and Backsplash Contemporary Kitchen

You may match the finishes in your new kitchen to a home renovation show on TV or a picture you found on the internet. But it will end up appearing uninteresting. So instead, work with our skilled kitchen design specialists to create a look that will set the trend for home fashion while also matching your particular style. This article will discuss how to build a stunning contemporary kitchen with marble counters and a matching backsplash.

Backsplashes Made of Mosaic Tiles Were Popular in the Past

When solid colour laminates and quartz counters reigned the kitchen countertop business in the 1970s and 1980s, mosaic tiles became all the rage. The combined colours gave a single-note design movement. The enthusiasm centred upon strong veining, stripes, and pebbling in the countertop as natural stone surfaces became more fashionable. A mosaic’s multiple colours, sizes, and shapes have entirely overrun the space.

Streamline the Look of Your Kitchen or Bathroom

While subway tiles have become a popular design choice, they are very mundane compared to the variety of options available. You can extend the magnificent marble canvas from your countertop up the wall for a striking yet cohesive look. Whether you put a six-inch backboard or run the stone up the wall behind your stove to create a centrepiece out of a unique exhaust hood is entirely up to you. Paint colours can be matched to the marble’s undertones, bringing the beauty of the marble throughout the rest of the room.

Choose Two Slabs of Your Favorite Marble For a Stunning Look

Do you fear that you won’t be able to discover two identical slabs? While each marble slab is unique, the colours and striations of two slabs cut from the same mountain face will complement each other perfectly. You might choose to order a table for your entry, a set of cutting boards, or matching shelving to exhibit your jars or crystal if you have additional stones.

With a Contrasting Island, You May Add Even More Interest

Is it too much of a good thing if your kitchen remodels design progressed from light natural wood cabinets to white ones. Then you fell in love with an ocean of virtually white marble? If you’re worried about having too much of a single hue, consider adding a black or dark grey stone counter to your island. If you want to go for a dramatic look, the marble backsplash might be used instead of the counters. It’s a look that’ll steal the show at your next dinner party.

Are you ready to look at all of the design options for your impending kitchen remodel? When you visit Imperial Granite & Stone in Markham, you’ll get inspiration as well as a plethora of samples and styles.

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